donderdag 2 december 2010

Unofficial NeoTV 550 firmware 3.0.268

Ik heb net ontdekt dat iemand op een firmware heeft gepost voor de NeoTV.

Hier zijn de links:

Release notes:

• New resume playback feature
o Resume playback is supported for all video types including DVD, but not for Blu-ray. (Some Blu-ray movies
have their own resume capability)
o Resume information is stored if at least 1 minute of the video has been watched, and at least 5 minutes or
5% of the video remains. If less than 5 minutes or 5% remain, the video is considered “watched”. Note that
resume information is not stored for very short videos (less than 2 mins)
o Videos that are partially watched are shown with a “half circle” icon in list or cover view
o Videos that are fully watched are shown with a “full circle” icon
o If you start a video that is partially watched, you will see a popup dialog asking whether to resume or start
from beginning. (You will not get a popup dialog for Blu-rays since they cannot be resumed)
o Added “Recently watched” menu under Video
o You can clear the resume history from the Recently watched menu, or from Settings -> System -> Advanced
o Note, only media that is also in the library is listed under Recently Watched (it behaves like Recently Added
in this respect)

• Revamped Music Now Playing screen
o Big center cover shows currently playing track. Smaller covers to left/right show previous and next tracks.
You can navigate the tracks using <Left> and <Right>. Press <OK> to resume playback at the selected track
o The media popup bar is automatically shown in Music Now Playing. You can hide/show it using <Audio>
o New behavior: to seek within a music track, use <FastFwd> and <Rewind> to enter fast seek mode

• Added support for Windows 7 Play To
o NeoTV 550 appears as a device in Windows 7 Media Player
o You can select media from Media Player and “Play To” NeoTV 550 (videos, music, photos)
o You can control basic media playback (pause/resume, control volume, skip files, stop playback) from Media
o Added “Enable UPnP option in Settings -> System -> Advanced. Use this for troubleshooting if you are
experiencing intermittent lockups. There are 3 setting options:
§ Enabled (with Play To)
§ Enabled (no Play To)
§ Disabled

• Added support for seamless m2ts playback
o Useful for playing folders of camcorder m2ts videos
o Videos are played sequentially and seamlessly with no gap between videos
o You can FF/REW seamlessly across the videos
o Use playlist navigation (show media popup bar and press <down>) to navigate the videos, or use <skip fwd>
/ <skip back>

• Added “queue to playlist mode”
o By default, when you play a video, it will stop any currently playing video or slideshow. If you play music, it
will stop any currently playing music.
o To queue additional videos or music, turn on “queue to playlist mode” by pressing the <Angle> button.
This is a toggle mode which you can turn on and off. When you toggle the mode, a popup message briefly
appears indicating the new mode
o When queue to playlist mode is on, media that you play using <OK> or <Play> will be added to the playlist
at the end. (When the mode is off, the new media will stop the old media.)
o Media in the playlist is shown with a bar icon next to the media in list view. You can remove media from the
playlist by selecting the media and pressing <OK>
o Media that is currently playing is shown with an arrow icon in list view mode

• Added support for Russian language
o Go to Settings -> User interface to select language
o Added on screen keyboard language toggle. When the keyboard is visible, press <aA> to toggle on screen
keyboard layouts (US/FR/GR/RU). This is useful for toggling between Russian keyboard and US keyboard.
(Note, the Russian keyboard layout is only available if Russian is the currently selected user interface

• AutoFPS improvements
o Fixed MKV stuttering when playing some 24fps content in 1080p24 mode
o Fixed MOV stuttering when playing some 24fps content
o Note, the stuttering was not AutoFPS related. These videos were previously stuttering whenever the display
mode was set to 1080p24

• Wake On LAN improvements
o Now only wakes up the server being accessed

• Fixed choppy playback when playing H.264 profile 5.0 and 5.1 videos

• Fixed inability to access Win7 shares after installation of Win7 Live Essentials

• Other fixes
o Fixed intermittent crash while browsing media
o Fixed crash accessing play lists
o Fixed some USB drives with slow spin up not detected
o Fixed “Clear BDLive cache” not working if cache is cleared prior to starting disc
o Fixed lockups occurring with some network hubs
o Fixed DVD playback getting stuck due to default audio track not set
o Fixed DVD menu appearing stuck (i.e. could not move highlight in menu)
o Fixed FLAC seek within track intermittent restarting from beginning of track
o Fixed M2TS fast forward -> play intermittent showing black video
o Fixed Update application not showing any picture on HDMI for some TVs
o Fixed intermittent freeze in setup wizard when no shares are selected
o Fixed intermittent lockup when resuming from standby with some USB plugged in
o Update GUI now translated for German, French, Spanish
o Crash on power off (full power off) from screensaver
o Crash on navigate to update USB if no USB attached
o Fixed HTML main page for non NA builds
o Fixed image cache location prompting
o Fixed SD card not detected if plugged in prior to startup
o Fixed Wifi connection failures
o Fixed USB detection while playing Blu-ray (i.e. if you insert USB to BD cache location)
o Reduced buffering before starting playback for non-Blu-ray media.
o Improved rebuffer-on-stutter detection

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  1. Deze firmware voegt heel wat extra functie toe. Helaas zijn de problemen die ik tegenkwam met de m2ts bestanden van de Sony HX5 niet opgelost als ook het afspelen van MJPEG AVI bestanden. Het probleem met het geluid en de trage foto-interface zijn er ook nog steeds.